Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Curbchek Day One

Day One of the Blog, Who blogs? Guess I do now.  Been trying to create interest in a Book...Curbchek. Maybe you have heard of it? If not what are you doing here? Go out buy the book and then come back and we can discuss it. Curbchek  has become the focus of my life the past 12 months. Prior to this I was planting pine trees, raising bees, and hiking in the mountains of Colorado. I get off in the mountains here and run into the REAL residents like the one pictured above. Notice the interested look in his eye? Not at all, more like  "hey dude are you lost, your kind belongs down by the road"...move along before we turn you into a snack,  in short get off our Mountain.

         The mountain? The mountain has become my refuge, my place to heal, recover, regroup. The Mountain is where I hope to die some far off day old and frail, still hiking, planting and raising bees. Till that day I leave the house and hit the deer trails, looking for antlers, bear scat, and the ever elusive Mtn lion.  I listen to the wind and think back.....back to when Curbchek was brutally real to me. It was my life. I could smell the powder from gun fire, hear the screams of wounded and injured women and children( and a few men). I would be responsible to try and find a way to bring order to chaos. Justice to those that had been wronged. Light to darkness.... impossible tasks I undertook willingly. Thinking really stupidly that I could make a difference for my children, and others children. Work hard enough I thought and maybe I can make this a safe place. Maybe I can battle successfully the crime that has destroyed the city I barely survived as a child. Maybe my children will never know what it is like to be in a knife fight at 10 with three kids trying to rob you. (Rob you for a couple of bucks, by the way). That was my hope. Curbchek is my description of the journey.

 This is supposed to be my Blog, but reality is it is your blog as well. Ask questions, post comments about my whining, tell me what you think! That is what blogs are in my mind. Have at it, give me your best. you may piss me off, I may piss you off! who knows... regardless here we go, Once more into the breach.....


  1. Okay I'm curious. I'm hooked. I'll look up the book. I'm following a lot of blogs these days. It's interesting to read and not to write. I'll be waiting for next installment with interest. I'm getting a really positive view of America from the blogs I'm reading too.

  2. Good Start Zach. Again, love your book. I am trying to tell everyone about it and you just made it easier. I will be adding your blog to my blogs. Don't forget to put links to your website, facebook and Amazon.

    Keep up the good work.