Saturday, October 20, 2012



That’s right we’re cooking up a HALLOWEEN brew, just for you! It’s truly a readers best nightmare!!
From October 20th through to October 31st, 2012, eight amazing authors – An evil, twisted and talented bunch – are giving away nine best selling e-books, and a SPOOKTACUALR GRAND PRIZE of five signed paper back editions!
So what’s the catch…NONE just simply click on the link to enter, easy peasy!

Just imagine getting your hands on a couple of signed paper backs!!!



Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thrills Chills and Kills book promotion!

Check out this free giveaway hosted by 8 Indie Authors:

Your heart pounds. Your hand trembles. You look past that cursed half-wall of your cubicle, locking eyes with that new redhead that started on Monday. She gives you a playful smile, yet all you can do is swallow something thick and look away. Johnson from Accounting walks in, drops off the latest sales report and starts chatting her up. Your heart slips back, and your eyes drift back to your monitor. You should be working on Johnson’s month-end, but you aren’t. You can’t. You can’t help yourself. As you guide your mouse over every tantalizing thumbnail, your pulse quickens. “Never tried that,” you whisper, and find yourself lusting for it; you quickly realize there are others like you who are clearly into it. Fearful of being caught, you nearly click the mouse, but your eye catches something brazingly teasing—something so titillating your mouth drops open. Almost salivating, you scroll over to it, and as you click on it, you stop, realizing you want to try them all. You just … can’t … stop.

Welcome to Thrills, Chills … and Kills.

For three amazing days, eight incredible authors will come together as one unstoppable force. From October 16 through October 18, 2012, indulge and immerse yourself in the minds and worlds of some of the best Indie writers today. For FREE.

Admit it. It’s okay. Everyone’s doing it. You want to try them all.

Murder and Revenge. Passion and Romance. Inspiration and Adventure. Redemption and Power.
And it’s all yours. For FREE.

Give in to your lust.  Fall to your desire. You want them all.

Velvet Rain by David C. Cassidy: He was born a miracle. It will take one to save the world. “It took my breath away right from the first line.”

Curbcheck by Zach Fortier: Hell in the streets. One damaged cop. Welcome to the jungle. “My Kindle is smoking!”

Take No More by Seb Kirby: Nothing like a good murder to get the blood flowing. “A work of art.”

Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1) by Alan McDermott: A killer walks. A father’s revenge. That’s justice. “Prepare to bang on the edge of your seat.”

Gray Resurrection (Tom Gray #2) by Alan McDermottTragedy. Terrorists and Treachery. Terrific. “Bring on #3 before I scream!”

Just Evil by Vickie McKeehan: Murder, drugs, abuse. We’ve all got skeletons. And they’re back. “Just evil…just mind-blowing.”

Letters To Gabriella by Patricia Paris: Passion. Love. Lies. Must be fate. “A sweet and sizzling love story.”

Amelia's Destiny by D.G. Torrens: A life of pain and abuse. Can she ever escape? “Engrossing…everyone should read this.”

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula by Elise Stokes: One girl. One accident. One incredible Superhero. “A perfect read for all ages.”