Friday, August 10, 2012

Two great reviews in one week

Wow first a great review of Curbchek by Carolyn Arnold and now this review of Curbchek-Reload by Holly on I've accidentally read the Curbchek series out of order - Read #1, then this one (#3) and need to go back and catch StreetCreds. Regardless, these are gritty, honest, no-holds-barred glimpses into the life of a street cop. Told in the language we (cops and ex cops) use - no BS, no sugar coating, no avoiding the hard topics, and always with a dose of very dark humor for the most inappropriate things. The first book I swore was written by my ex husband (a cop) under a pseudonym, because it read like a chronicle of our lives. This book (#3, like I said) has convinced me that although Zach Fortier is not my ex husband's pseudonym, his experience, my ex's and my own as cops are surely not isolated. Every tale in this book had me nodding my head, mentally saying "yep, and then those sons-a-bitches did....", or adding my own story. Any book that can draw in a crusty old broad like me, make me smile and wince at the same time, and wish to have a few dozen beers with the author - aces. Highly recommended.